Jeffrey B. DeVries L.C.S.W. Counseling Services

Welcome to my website. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I began my career as a social worker in 1985 and have spent the last 15 years in private practice in Mokena. Prior to working as an out-patient therapist, I worked as a school social worker for six years. My current practice covers a broad base of services. Having been in this line of work for more than twenty years, there are few problems or issues with which I have not dealt.

Frequently clients have questions concerning the differences between psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers. As medical doctors, usually board certified, psychiatrists primarily focus on medication management. According to Illinois law, only medical doctors and psychiatrists can prescribe medication.  Although I do not see medication as the first step in treatment, I work closely with two psychiatrists to whom I refer clients when medication is necessary.  I am very comfortable with both and we work well together to achieve a successful outcome to treatment.

Psychologists, both at the masters and doctorate level, are the next well known group of therapists. The training for a psychologist is similar to that of a social worker. Graduate training for both involves learning to provide treatment for people suffering from a wide range of emotional and psychological issues. The Ph.d or doctorate level psychologist tends to have more of a research background.

As a licensed clinical social worker, I too am a trained and experienced therapist. My specialty lies in the broad field of mental health disorders. I am licensed by the state of Illinois as a provider of mental health services and am recognized as such by insurance companies to provide treatment.

Kindly explore my website and contact me by phone or email if you feel that you can benefit from my services.